PVC Business Cards

With so many options to choose from, PVC Plastic Business Cards are the best choice when making an impact on your target audience. It shows your customers that you mean business and are willing to put forth the money and effort to gain their business.

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PVC Plastic Business Cards have the same exact thickness as a real credit cards and offer the same durability while providing an eye catching design that wont just get thrown away. People will want to keep your card especially if you offer some incentives on the card itself.

PVC business cards are the right choice when you want to make your brand or company image truly stand out. Unlike traditional business cards which seem to get lost, thrown in the trash, written on and given away to someone who may not even be part of your targeted audience, PVC business cards are hard plastic just like credit cards. They fit nicely in a wallet or purse, wont fade or have ink bleeds and carry a wide variety of options to make your targeted audience want to hold onto your card such as:

  • scratch strips revealing a unique coupon code for use at an online or retail store. 
  • a magnetic strip for use on various swipe machines or in hotel room entrance.
  • micro chips for use in chip enabled card readers
  • design your card so it has a dual purpose (ie: a business card with a plastic punch out which works as a guitar pick)


PVC cards offer the following options:

Die Cutting (custom shapes) - Cut a plastic card to any shape you choose. Let your idea's run wild and contact us so we can make your imagination a reality.

Raised or embossed text - Just like a credit card has raised numbers and letters, your card can have that look and feel.

Chipcards - feature a microchip (gold in color) and when used with chip reader machine can relay account information securely.

Magnetic Strips - can be loaded with all types of information and this information can then be accessed by various swipe machines.

Holograms - offer unique branding opportunities and also makes your card more difficult to duplicate.

Signature panels - a strip on the front or back side provides a writable area for people to sign (membership cards, bank cards, credit cards).

Scratch Strips - great for providing savings to customers or revealing a unique numbered code (great for online/retail stores, membership cards).

The possibilites are endless and your card is only as good as your imagination which for most is infinite. PVC Business Cards last a long time and the longer they are out there, the more people will see them and potentially give you business and brand recognition.


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