Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards offer the following options:

  • Die Cutting (custom shapes)
  • Raised or embossed text
  • Chipcards
  • Magnetic Strips
  • Holograms
  • Signature panels
  • Available in both PVC and Metal 

Let the excitement begin today.
Get started creating your designs now. Just click the link below to start making your custom scratch card design.

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Do you have members to your website, or do you have company events, or give your existing customers special discounts. If so, then why not add some fun and mystery to your cards by adding a scratch panel. Scratch panels are used in many businesses in today’s world.

Give new clients incentive to purchase with the excitement of uncovering an unknown instant discount or rebate, give employees a fair method of choosing teams at company functions, or just wow your customers with a blank business card that can be scratched off to reveal your contact details and company information.

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