Terms & Conditions

  •  Yourimage.ca does not check any file submission for spelling, grammar, or any other design related or non-related errors. The design will be printed as it appears once the file has been uploaded to us. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that all materials submitted for printing are formatted correctly and are submitted with any texts converted to outline. All file must be submitted in CMYK format and Yourimage.ca does not guarantee and will not guarantee that the final print will look the same as it does on your computer screen. If the files are not submitted in CMYK format we will convert the sent file into CMYK using our own judgement to try and match the colors as best we can. No lines will be visible once printed if they are thinner than 0.08mm.
  • Any errors seen after printing that are due to customer design related issues or spelling errors are not subject to free printing by Yourimage.ca. 
  • Yourimage.ca usually delivers all shipments on time. We will assume no liability in any form to customers for any delays. This shall include but not be limited to lost business, damages, real or constructive. Delivery delays are out of our control. Acts of God and courier mishaps can happen at any time. Buyer must assume any damages related to shipping delays.
  • Yourimage.ca will not be held liable for replacement of damaged, lost, or defective items due to, but no only subject to the following: Acts of god, transportation errors, delays or accident, labor strikes and factory closures, customs delays or seizure, quarantine, police seizure, public holidays, and due to any other events beyond our control.
  • Yourimage.ca will not provide credit card or other payment details to any third party.
  • Yourimage.ca does not offer any color fidelity guarantee. Due to calibration changes or laminations or even in the difference of ink supply we cannot guarantee that your colors will match throughout your entire batch or between batches. Color drift may be apparent.
  • Any cancellations will be charged a 35% cancellation fee, and any orders already in production cannot and will not be cancelled. No refunds will be given to any orders that are cancelled after the printing process is started.

Reprint Conditions

  • We accept reprint only if the products are drastically damaged or the products are significantly different from the submitted proof. 
  • Your order must be returned in its entirety or it will not be cleared for reprinting. Before resending your damaged order back please contact our support department for a return authorization number. 
  • Any reprints will be printed from the original artwork file that was submitted upon completing the order process. Any resubmissions will be considered a completely new order and you will be charged accordingly. 
  • Yourimage.ca will not refund or reprint due to minor errors or color differences or trim locations, as these are standard printing commonalities and can be expected from time to time.
  • We do not offer reprints if you the customer has not reported a problem within 24 hours of receiving your order. 
  • If you have requested any design services from us the design fee shall not be refunded.


  • If the order is cancelled after it has been processed, 35% of the cost of the order will be billed.
  • If an order is processed and has begun printing, it may not be canceled

Printing Instructions

  • Colors in a digital proof are not guaranteed to match the finished product. When you are sending your artwork, please set all color mode as C.M.Y.K. and check the CMYK setting before you submit your design file or artwork. Colour settings need to be more than 10% opacity to be printable.
  • We cannot guarantee that the artwork will look exactly the same on your computer as it does on our equipment or the finished product. Color conversions may cause color shifting or files changes.  
  • We do not guarantee our printed CMYK colors will match any of the colors seen on your inkjet or laser printer, your computer monitor, your television, your camera screen, another printer, or any other Color Mode that you should specify.
  • Files must be submitted in CMYK color format with no foreign or vendor specific color profiles embedded.
  • If you submit a file in another color format, we will convert it to CMYK and exert our best effort to match colors.  
  • By placing your order, you the customer accepts the terms of the order, as well as the terms and conditions of this page.


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